Art Galleries in Dalian | 大连美术馆合辑

There are many different art galleries in Dalian, and from them you can learn about both Chinese and international arts, traditional to modern, and you will even have the chance to see international masterpieces! 不同风格的美术馆,让你既可以了解中国传统文化,也能欣赏到现代艺术,或者有机会接触世界级大师的著作。

China Driver's License for Foreigners | 外国人如何在中国取得驾照(英文版)

Foreigners can legally drive in China with a Chinese Driver License.

All bus routes info in Dalian | 大连所有公交线路查询

Dalian Laowai does everything to make your life in Dalian easier and happier.

How to Check Your Mobile Balance Through Message | 如何通过短信查看花费余额

You already buy a Chinese Number, but now you're confuse about how to check how much balance that you have.

Dalian Laowai Autoreply System | 大连老外自动回复系统

Sometimes you want to find information, but confuse where to find it. Don't worry! Dalian Laowai provides you the solution!

Museums in Dalian | 博物馆合辑

Not so many people know about it, but actually there are several museums in Dalian that worth to visit!

Bookstores in Dalian | 大连几家有腔调的书店

Bookstore will allow you to explore more deeply ones city's cultural heritage. 书店,是让你了解这座城市的文化底蕴。

New in Dalian Laowai: Interactive Service | 大连老外微信互动服务

Hi, Dalian Laowai's friends. We, Dalian Laowai always try to make your living in Dalian as easy and as happy as possible!

Water Parks in Dalian | 水上乐园合辑

You want to stay cool this summer and yet not get sun burnt? Then going to some of the water parks we have prepared for you is the best choice. 在水上乐园度过这个夏天是最好的选择了!

Dalian Metro Routes | 大连地铁

Dalian Metro finally has been opened and successfully operates, and it means that it's time to have the metro routes!