Dandong - Dalian High Speed Railway Schedule 丹东大连快铁时刻表

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Dandong–Dalian Intercity Railway (dan) is a newly open Chinese high-speed railway within Liaoning Province, connecting the coastal cities of Dandong and Dalian.

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New train Schedule For Dalian to Dandong

Dalian North Train Station 大连北站

Dalian North - Dandong 大连北-丹东

Train D7701:

Departure 07:00 - Arrival 09:29

Train D7703:

Departure 07:45 - Arrival 10:20

Train D7705:

Departure 09:00 - Arrival 10:45

Train D7707:

Departure 10:00 - Arrival 12:17

Train D7709:

Departure 11:00 - Arrival 13:17

Train D7715:

Departure 15:00 - Arrival 17:17

Train D7717:

Departure 15:52 - Arrival 18:10

Train D7719:

Departure 17:35 - Arrival 19:58

Train D7733:

Departure 14:00 - Arrival 16:30

Train D7737:

Departure 18:30 - Arrival 20:36

Dandong - Dalian North 丹东-大连北

Train D7706:

Departure 10:50 - Arrival 13:07

Train D7708:

Departure 12:00 - Arrival 14:17

Train D7710:

Departure 13:00 - Arrival 14:45

Train D7712:

Departure 13:46 - Arrival 16:03

Train D7714:

Departure 14:50 - Arrival 17:07

Train D7716:

Departure 15:30 - Arrival 18:05

Train D7718:

Departure 17:42 - Arrival 20:05

Train D7720:

Departure 18:30 - Arrival 20:35

Train D7734:

Departure 07:00 - Arrival 09:29

Train D7738:

Departure 07:45 - Arrival 10:14have any r

Dalian Raiway Station 大连站

Dalian - Dandong 大连站-丹东

Train D7711:

Departure 11:18 - Arrival 13:55

Train D7713:

Departure 13:00 - Arrival 14:59

Dandong - Dalian 丹东-大连站

Train D7702:

Departure 09:00 - Arrival 10:58

Train D7704:

Departure 09:58 - Arrival 12:34


Dandong (simplified Chinese: 丹东; traditional Chinese: 丹東; pinyin: Dāndōng), previously known as Andong, is a prefecture-level city in southeastern-eastern Liaoning province, People's Republic of China. It is the largest Chinese border city,[2] facing Sinuiju, North Korea across the Yalu River, which demarcates the Sino-Korean border. To the southwest of the city, the river flows into Korea Bay. Dandong has therefore had a dynamic history because of its strategic location for the northeast's rich natural resources and because of its convenient access to the ocean. It is designated as a major export production centre for the province, and is a port city connected by rail with Shenyang and Sinuiju. A significant amount of trade with North Korea flows through the city.[3]

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