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a bite of the cherry

good opportunity that isn't available to everyone. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. 


 Welcome Wagon KFQ 

Welcom Wagon 8 Sep, 2019

Welcome Wagon started in 2016 as an annual event.  It is organized by DLOV, a volunteering organization consisting of expats living in Dalian. The idea behind Welcome Wagon is for those of us who know the hardship and difficulties as well as the unexpected fun and joys of living in Dalian to share our knowledge with the newcomers, and help them with a softer landing and adjust to life in Dalian.

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 30 Jun -3 July, Dalian 

Davos World Economic Forum 2019

"Gathering in Dalian for its 16th Annual Summit, the Forum of Young Global Leaders will bring together inspirational and pioneering leaders from around the world to connect with one another, reflect on new insight and affect the complex world around them.

We live in an era when people and ideas sometimes move faster than thinking and values evolve. We observe reaction without contemplation and growing divides. Citizens are negotiating new social contracts with implications on long-standing geopolitical and economic structures. We are entering a new phase – Globalization 4.0. "

 fancy 5G again 

Dalian downtown area will have 5G coverage, thanks to Davos

By June 20, a few areas will have full 5G network coverage. 


Dalian International Conference Center (主会场)

Dalian Train Station North (大连北站)

Dalin Train Station (大连站)

Dalian Port (大连客运码头)

Xinghai Square (星海广场)

Bangchui Island (棒棰岛)

Hilton Hotel (希尔顿酒店)

Dalian Airport (机场)

 Sold. Sadly. 

PARKSON (百盛) shopping mall renamed to Impression City shopping mall

PARKSON (百盛) shopping mall, near Olympic Square, has been sold to "Dalian Impression City" managment group, and the hand-over will be done by July 20. 

From 21 July on, we will only see 'Impression City' shopping mall. 

After over a decade of serving citizens of Dalian, now it is time to say zaijian (再见).  

天下没有不散的宴席 。(mandarin challenge: do you know what this means?)

 June 6, 5G cities 

Dalian is one of the first cities to have 5G infrastructure

On 6 June, thanks to the 'argument' between Trump and Huawei, Chinese government officially decided to roll commercial 5G infrastructure out into a few chosen cities earlier than planned. Dalian is one of these chosen cities -- out of expectations.  Maybe some arguments are good...

Full list of cities to have 5G infrastructure:

 June 13, cherry festival 

Dalian International Cherry Festival 2019

(image credit to 杨海花)

Yes, we are in a cherry season here in Dalian, but does it have to this serious — to have a festival of cherry?  

The answer is YES, because Dalian has many kinds of cherries, and in large volume. By large volume, I mean 70,000 tons of cherries.

Dalian alone cannot consume them all, so a big part of it will be sold online to all over mainland China.

(video credit to 杨海花)

 work your butt off and save money 

彩礼: The "bride price"  before you can marry a Chinese woman.

This has been a tradition for thousand of years in China I belive and we still have it today. The groom needs to pay a big amount of money, at least 100,000 rmb to the bride's family, besides having money for dating and engagement ring. A lot of chinese young couples cannot get married because girl's parents will not agree with the marriage if there is no 'bride price' paid.

What about your culture? 

What's your wedding traditions?

 A new bar at shuma area 

EX Bar @ Shuma, next Leo Young market, Grand Opens

If you are near shuma area and are looking for new places to drink and relax, maybe go and check this new bar out. It is right next to Leo Young Market (里奥阳光).  They have both ladies night & guys night.

If you would like to come or need to contact, 

here is the WeChat ID of EX Bar

 breathing & connecting 

Labor Park Yoga, 15 June 2019

 RUN for Autism 

Run In Blue Dalian For Autism, June 23 2019

If running isn't your thing, you can walk it, crawl it, pogo it, maybe even swim it it's that close to the sea. Either way it's all for a good cause.

Run in Blue is an annual Spring event where people wear blue T-shirts and participate in a 5km fun run/ walk.

 speak, learn, have fun 

Language & Culture Exchange Meetup 

Dalianlaowai (大连老外) is organizing an langauge and culture exchange meetup this Saturday. 

Date: Saturday, June 15 2019

Time: 3:00pm-5:00pm

Location: @Sushi Fighter

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Finally, before I close this newsletter, I would like to share a video. It helps to understand the concept of 'family (家 的感情)' in our (chinese) culture. The video is titled 父亲 (Father, Dad). I cried when I saw this video years ago.

Hope your weekend is as great as it can be.

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