This Week In Dalian - 2019/06/21

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 25 JULY - 5 August 

20th Dalian International Beer Festival 2019 

Dalian Beer festival is a ten-day event that includes activities like opening ceremony, beer cask opening, fireworks, singing etc. Add this on your itinerary planners if you want to experience this unique beer celebrations in the city.

If you don't get drunk then, when?

Festival Location: Xinghai Square

 as numerous as stars 

 New Stats: 5.95 Million Population of Dalian 

Dailan Bureau of Statistics shows that by end of 2019 Dalian had population of 5.95 million, with average life expectancy at 81 years.

hopefully I still have 50 years to go..

 Dalian is named, centennial-ly  

 Dalian Has Centennial Observing Station by WMO 

On June 12, World Meteorological Organization (WMO) conferred certificates to 23 newly recognized Centennial Observing Stations, Wuhan, Dalian, and Shenyang included. Mr. Yu Yong, Deputy Administrator of CMA received the certificates of Centennial Observing Station from Dr. David Grimes, President of WMO.

These cute little stations usually are guarded by soldiers or military, don't get too close. They have dogs barking when you get close.. I tried.

 Clean the Ocean 

 6 July, Splash for Trash Dalian 

I believe a cool lady (Anemi) in Dalin initiated this, hats off.


The idea is to go to beaches and clean up the trash.There’s a South African couple working in Hainan, that started an event Splash for trash.

There are two teams.

A beach the beach.

And another team goes into the water collecting waste.

We will start Splash for trash in Dalian.

The first splash for trash will be on the 6th of July.

More info will be given  later this week.


Time: 4:00 pm 

时间: 下午 4 点

Meeting point: Qixianling Forest Park , Dalian.

交汇点: 七贤岭森林公园 , 大连

I cannot share her wechat here, but if you want to join, add our service wechat at end of newsletter, then will put you in that wechat group.

 Big impact 

China-Russia to Mutually Recognize Academic Diplomas 

If we are not mistaken, China and Russia recently both agree on mutually recognizing each other's academic diplomas. This means students from one country can directly attend schools and be employed in another country.  

That will also mean we will be welcoming a lot more Russian friends here in Dalian. 

Click to check the source (in Chinse)


 Live Show 
Acoustic Trio LIVE SHOW @ Helen Bar (中山) 
From @fred 弗雷德乐队 FD5:

Hi! Our acoustic trio (guitar, bass and congas) will play on Friday 21st of June from 9:30 to 11pm at the new helens bar, behind Nikko hotel. 
Feel free to come with friends. Free entrance, cheap drinks and good food. I'll take request songs and then will probably do a medley. Hope 2 c u there (btw if u want to be taken off of this live music list just tell me)

 RUN for Autism 

Run In Blue Dalian For Ausism, June 23 2019

If running isn't your thing, you can walk it, crawl it, pogo it, maybe even swim it it's that close to the sea. Either way it's all for a good cause.

Run in Blue is an annual Spring event where people wear blue T-shirts and participate in a 5km fun run/ walk.

 Don't miss!  

 J-POP: Live Session Night @ Hertz Space 

Date: 29 June

Time: 21:26

Location:  沙河口区中山路682号辰熙广场地下一楼


Organizer: OakWood

Singer: 岸田高明

岸田高明 (@kishider) | Twitter

Singer:  冈田健次良

 The power of pride 

 2019 June Pride Festival 

Location (Taxi / Didi): 大连星座城堡CC酒吧 / 东北路75-8号

Contact: 18362129884 Willem

Date: Mon, 24 June

 Annual big event in KFQ 

 Welcom Wagon 8 Sep, 2019 

Welcome Wagon started in 2016 as an annual event. It is organized by DLOV, a volunteering organization consisting of expats living in Dalian. The idea behind Welcome Wagon is for those of us who know the hardship and difficulties as well as the unexpected fun and joys of living in Dalian to share our knowledge with the newcomers, and help them with a softer landing and adjust to life in Dalian.

Click to read more


It is a recent internet pop song that demontrated a fact: Chinese people cannot properly read or write these chacters. Even worse, someone made a song with these crazy complicated chinese characters as lyrics.

Dalian folks (Foreigners Only): We will pay 500 yuan if you can send us your proper video of singing this song with the right tones, better with some instrument like guitar or piano. 



砸锅卖铁 (zá guō mài tiě )
- smash one's iron pots and pans into pieces and sell them as scrapped iron

Hope you can understand the video, it is very Chinese :-)


UN Chinese Language Shool, Dalian (UN语言学校)

Hope your weekend is as great as it can be.