This Week In Dalian - 2019/06/28

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 Hate to say goodbyes 

 Graduates 2019 

This end of June is full of smiles, tears, and memories. So many people we know are graduating, taking pictures with friends, and going back to their home country to work, love, live and serve.

We hope Dalian treated you well, loved you deep, and kissed you 'SEE YOU LATER'.



 stay sober before having this 

 Legalization and Notarization of Your Certificates 

Maybe this is one of the last few things we can do for you graducates - to remind you to legalized and notarize your certificates. We were about to write it, but thankfully INTO-CHINA has done a good job regarding this, so we will just refer you to the good source: click to read the process (see comment below)

This will be useful or even required when you need to handle some international paperwork such as work permit, or other qualifications. 


30 Jun -3 July, Dalian 

 Davos World Economic Forum 2019 

"Gathering in Dalian for its 16th Annual Summit, the Forum of Young Global Leaders will bring together inspirational and pioneering leaders from around the world to connect with one another, reflect on new insight and affect the complex world around them.

We live in an era when people and ideas sometimes move faster than thinking and values evolve. We observe reaction without contemplation and growing divides. Citizens are negotiating new social contracts with implications on long-standing geopolitical and economic structures. We are entering a new phase – Globalization 4.0. "

 Dalian or Sunstroke 

 Dalian Top 10 Best City to Enjoy Summer 

Common on, We all know this — that's why you are staying here

Dalian is one of the best cities to enjoy summer. No burning heat as in south , no insane wind as in winter. 

Not said so just by me, also by the "Culture and tourism industry expo opens in Changchun". 

The second Changchun Northeast Asia culture and tourism industry expo – a key part of the 2019 Changchun Summer Relaxation Art Festival -- opened at the Changchun International Conference and Exhibition Center in Changchun, capital of Jilin province, on June 20, and will run until June 23.


 6 July, Splash for Trash Dalian 

I believe A cool lady (Anemi) in Dalin initiated this, hats off.


The idea is to go to beaches and clean up the trash.There’s a South African couple working in Hainan, that started an event Splash for trash.

There are two teams.

A beach the beach.

And another team goes into the water collecting waste.

We will start Splash for trash in Dalian.

The first splash for trash will be on the 6th of July.

More info will be given  later this week.



 do 'ocean cleaning up'  

Time: 4:00 pm 

时间: 下午 4 点

Meeting point: Qixianling Forest Park , Dalian.

交汇点: 七贤岭森林公园 , 大连

If you are interested, please add our service wechat at end of newsletter, then will put you in that wechat group.



Friday June 28 

ICD  Monthly Networking Night @ Cafe Copenhagen

Friday, the 28th of June, we will be meeting at Cafe Copenhagen. The ICD Networking Night will include a buffet, beer, wine and soft drinks. Everyone is all welcome to join.

Date & Time: Friday 28th June 2019 19:00-21:00

Location:1 floor, Xiuzhu Building,Tian Jin Street,Zhongshan District, Dalian 大连市中山区天津街修竹大厦1楼(近修竹街)

Click to read the source & reserve in advance

Women's Health 

Friday 28 June 

WOMEN'S HEALTH Free Seminar @ Cafe Copenhagen

ICD and AmCham China Northeast Chapter invite you to a free seminar on Women’s Health this Friday 18:00 at Café' Copenhagen(just before our ICD monthly networking) with our speakers Madhulika Ra Chauhan and Dr. Ellen Zhao. 

Date & Time: Friday 28th June 2019 18:00

Location:1 floor, Xiuzhu Building,Tian Jin Street,Zhongshan District, Dalian 大连市中山区天津街修竹大厦1楼(近修竹街)

Free entrance.

 Live music again 

Friday June 28 

Live Music @ Hertz Space

"The 6th edition of X Generation’s Live Music Evening. 

Once again we have been working hard to provide you with high quality Pop, Rock and Rap Music performed by students from all over the world. From Eminem to Ava Max, the Cranberries to Queen, we guarantee our show will include songs to make any musical heart beat. "

Location (Taxi / Didi):  沙河口区中山路682号辰熙广场地下一楼


 Don't miss!  

Saturday 29 June

J-POP: Live Session Night @ Hertz Space

Date: 29 June

Time: 21:26

Location (Taxi / Didi):  沙河口区中山路682号辰熙广场地下一楼


Elena Marco will be a guest.

if you don't know her yet, get to know her now by her music: 

Organizer: OakWood

Singer: 岸田高明

岸田高明 (@kishider) | Twitter

Singer:  冈田健次良

 Feel from the inside 

30 June

Yoga @ Labor Park

Annual big event in KFQ 

8 Sep

Welcom Wagon @ KFQ

Welcome Wagon started in 2016 as an annual event. It is organized by DLOV, a volunteering organization consisting of expats living in Dalian. The idea behind Welcome Wagon is for those of us who know the hardship and difficulties as well as the unexpected fun and joys of living in Dalian to share our knowledge with the newcomers, and help them with a softer landing and adjust to life in Dalian.

Click to read more


How to use chopsticks & Chinese table manners.

The video is in Chinese language.



- please remember those who is nice/good to you, as they don't have to be like that.  (or as they don't have to do this).


UN Chinese Language Shool, Dalian 


WeChat ID: lvshun-unschool

We are trying to bring more local & fun news in Dalian to expats group. If there are news updates you think we should cover, please please contact us here — It is free (in speech and in beer) to talk to us..  ↓