This Week In Dalian - 2019/07/05

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Happy Independence Day!

This week has been super busy for us and we are a little bit outworked :(

That also means it is impossble for us put together a good issue of 'This Week in Dalian'. 

However, we should like to highlight a few things that might be useful and helpful:

Together do a great  'Dalian Guide 2019'

DLOV has been working hard to organize a "Dalian Guide 2019" and they need YOUR recommendations. The Guide can be helpful for a lot of people living here. We would like to share this and let you know your contributions matter.   

Please send your contribution (click to go) 

Splash for trash. Clean the ocean & beaches.

It's tomrrow!!! 

Again, we would like to thank 'Anemi' who initiated this and we hope this can be organized often to raise awareness of our local Chinese communities too.  We need to do it all together, don't we?

You can read about the initiative and sign up for the event: 

(for some reason we could not directly link it)

Foreign movies to China in July

We worked on this last week to collect some movies for you.

Hope you like it. (click to read)

Linda's China (Dalian) Story

Linda's China (Dalian) Story

If you don't know Linda yet, you should. She is really funny. You NEVER get bored when you are with her.  We are happy she is willing to share her story, we would like to hear YOUR STORY too.

Enjoy Linda's Story (click to read)

Thank you all for continued support 

for getting local information with us.

We are trying to bring more local & fun news in Dalian to expats group. If there are news updates you think we should cover, please please contact us here — It is free (in speech and in beer) to talk to us..  ↓