This Week In Dalian - 2019/07/26

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Tanning Safely in Dalian

"Bense" provides a good tanning service in Dalian. If you cannot get a sun tan safely in Dalian - if ever possible - you can try get tanned with "Bense".

Location: 白山路33-4号

Directions: Take Metro Line 1 and get off at Xi'an Road Station (Exit A)

WeChat ID: kaikai958278

Happy BEER Festival.


 full of joy & beers 

20th Dalian International Beer Festival 2019 

Dalian Beer festival is a ten-day event that includes activities like opening ceremony, beer cask opening, fireworks, singing etc. Add this on your itinerary planners if you want to experience this unique beer celebrations in the city.


Now just go to Xinghai — drink & laugh:-)

 12 new policies 

New immigration policies to handle growing number of foreigners in China 

From Aug 1, the country will ease the permanent residence application for more high-level foreign talents, including foreigners with doctoral degrees, and those who have made significant contributions to the country. 

The 12 new policies aim to attract foreign talent, outstanding youths and overseas Chinese to innovate, start businesses, study and work in China to help promote economic and social development.

"Guide In China" has the 12 new policies translated here, please click and read.

 China-Russia to hold hands 

China-Russia border cableway 

They say it's the first ever in the world.

If you read with us for a while, you may remember a few weeks back we covered a piece that President Xi's visit to President Putin in Russia and its mutual acceptance of diplomas. 

There would be more connections — business or culture wise  between 2 countries. There might be some chances for some insightful folks.

China and Russia are increasing border links through several infrastructure projects, including the Tongjiang Railway Bridge, the main construction of which is complete, and the Heihe-Blagoveshchensk road bridge, which will open soon. The plan is to build a comprehensive transportation network in the border area and connect China's Belt and Road initiative with Russia’s vision Eurasian Union.


 you know you do it,too 

 Laowai Speak 


It takes 2 to tango! 

 Tango event in High-Tech Zone 

A lovely tango lady organize a biweekly tango event. Upcoming one next Friday.

Date & Time: 19:30 Friday, 2 August 2019

Address: Room 902, 阳光数码大厦 (for your directions) building

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