Tona Fish - Fish and Chips

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Tona Fish - Fish&Chips
唐纳鱼-táng nà yú

A new chain-restaurant popping up around Dalian is “Tona Fish – Fish and Chips”. It is surprisingly good! I love fish and chips, so this was a welcomed surprise.

Fries, 3 breaded fish strips, home-made tartar sauce for 25 RMB. Good deal.

Address: 三八广场朝阳街24号杨记面馆旁

How to go there:

By Bus: #710, #7, #712, #703, #201, #30 and stop at 三八广场- Sānbā guǎngchǎng (San bra square) station.

Bible Verse in a frame on the stars as you go to the second floor: James 1:17 NIV “Every good and perfect gift is (comes) from above…

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