DalianLaowai Community is a local community for foreigners in Dalian. It started from a humble idea that there should be an online venue for foreigners to communicate with other foreigners and locals in order to share and spread information. A community in which friends can ask for and recieve help.


大连老外社区(DalianLaowai Community)是一个专注于大连的外国人提供服务和交流的垂直社区。它始于一个非常朴素的想法: 大连应该有一个易用的在线外国人社区平台,外国人和本地中国人可以交流,发布信息,分享信息,寻求帮忙等。


Dalian Laowai (大连老外, dà lián lǎo wài ) is a website and local information hub dedicated to helping and serving foreign friends to live a better life in Dalian.  


Dalian Laowai (大连老外, dà lián lǎo wài ) 是一个为大连外国人提供本地信息的网站和信息港,帮助外国人在大连更好的生活和工作。




1/ General Inquiry:contact@dalianlaowai.com

2/ Publishing Events: events@dalianlaowai.com

3/ Publish Jobs: jobs@dalianlaowai.com

Wechat: luhe1987