China Driver's License for Foreigners | 外国人如何在中国取得驾照(英文版)

Foreigners can legally drive in China with a Chinese Driver License.

How to Check Your Mobile Balance Through Message | 如何通过短信查看花费余额

You already buy a Chinese Number, but now you're confuse about how to check how much balance that you have.


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5 новых обновлений Вичат | 5个微信全新小功能(中俄文版)

Недавно у Вичата пришли новые обновления. Какие?

5 Newest WeChat Features | 5个微信全新小功能(中英文版)

WeChat has recently introduced a few tricks and added several new features to make the platform more user-friendly and closer to life.

Как пользоваться услугами такси в Даляне | 在大连如何打出租车?(俄文版)

【OUTDOOR】MAY DAY Holiday Activities | 超级五 • 一

May Day is coming! Join us at our MAY DAY special outdoor activities!

4 Foreign Films Come to China | 本月即将上映的外国电影 (中英文版)

Time for April's foreign film list