Native English Teacher 招聘英语教师

Offer a job YQDY2017 published at 2017/07/29 01:33

YuQiao Foreign Language School is an AAAA school in Dalian city, LiaoNing province. Our school has established 17 years, mainly providing high-quality German lessons. Now we are going to start English lessons for young children. We hope high-level English teachers to join our new project. Following are the qualifications and the benefits:

1. Native English speaker, standard pronunciation and vocabulary;

2. Patient, mild-tempered, loving children;

3. Bachelor Degree or above;

4. Salary: 10000-20000RMB per month, depending on educational background and work experience;

5. Providing foreign expert visa;

6. Signing formal labor contract which is recognized by government.


Qualified applicants will have interviews. If interested, please send a detailed resume including phone number or Wechat number, and a photo to If you have any questions, please send message to (86) 13522003588

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