X Gallery: Party of the Wroclaw Professors X Gallery:弗罗茨瓦夫教授们的小聚会

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Wroclaw, located on the banks of the Oder River in southwestern Poland, is Poland's second largest financial center and its fourth largest city. The city historically belonged to Czech Republic and to Germany before World War II. Just as the epitome of Central and Eastern Europe, Wroclaw combines the vicissitudes of history with the essence of culture. 


Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts was founded in 1791. It has experienced World War II and post-war reconstructions, and has trained a large number of artists and practical art talents. The college focuses on cultivating students' international art horizons, and has established long-term academic exchanges and cooperation with Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts and Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts.


In this exhibition, X Gallery invited the professors of Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts to exhibit their artworks. Through this salon party, European and Chinese artists of different age and cultural backgrounds are given the chance to showcase their talents in the form of artworks, albeit all the differences.


Some of the Artworks


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Marta Kubiak, "Fight!", silkscreen, 70×100cm, 2015

Marta Kubiak,《Fight!》,丝网版画,70×100cm,2015

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Jacke Szewczyk, "Armoured Bicyles", etching, 50×90cm, Ed 21/30, 1990

Jacke Szewczyk,《Armoured Bicyles》,铜版画,50×90cm,Ed 21/30,1990

Date:3 August - 25 September 2017

Time:10:00 - 20:00

Venue:X Gallery

Address:Xī Gǎng qū Zhòngxià lù 19-2 hào / 西岗区仲夏路19-2号


How to get there:

By Bus 5路, 47路, 501路, 541路, or 702路, get off at Dàlián Yìshù Pǐn Zhōngxīn (大连艺术品中心) bus stop.



地点:西岗区仲夏路19-2号,X-Gallery · 未知空间




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