Brooklyn Halloween Party

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Two days and counting for the party everyone has been waiting for all year long, hosted from the people that brought Halloween to this city! This coming Friday and Saturday, Brooklyn Bar and Restaurant cordially invites you to our 8th Annual Halloween Bash! Join us for two full nights of bizarre surprises and hardcore partying done right. Come in your best dressed costumes in this once a year event! Winner of the best costume award wins a fatty Brooklyn gift certificate! Regardless if you come dressed or not, we will have onsite makeup artists to make your look razzle dazzle.




布鲁克林万圣节派对已成为圈儿内最传统 最具代表性




50RMB door charge includes one free Zombie Punch cocktail. Door charge is good for both days entry. Doors open at 5pm, please arrive early to grab a table. Live DJ spinning the jams both nights. Devilish drink specials all night!







  • 由于参加活动人数较多,按进门顺序安排座位,建议提早到场。

    Due to the heavy volume of guests attending our Halloween party, seating is on a first come first serve basis.

    Please arrive early to ensure you have a table.



  • 8人以上可提前打电话订桌,桌位只保留15分钟。

    We will only give reservations for parties of 8 or more, we will hold your seat for 15 minutes.


  • 预定方式:

    电话:86867426 (下午4点30后接听)


    Please call 86867426(please call after 4:30p.m.) to book your reservations with your name/phone number/arrival time.


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Thomas 2015/10/29 06:54 #1

@harry hope you are available :)

Jessica 2015/10/29 09:02 #2

强迫症患者表示希望头像可以再清楚一点 more information 的链接可不可以不在正文里 评论的时候可不可以用颜文字……我萌表示没有表情很难表达自己

harry 2015/10/29 09:24 #3

@Jessica more information 的链接可不可以不在正文里 >> working on that. 评论的时候可不可以用颜文字 >> no for now

wing 2015/10/30 12:22 #4

@Jessica , u mean like this : (●'◡'●)ノ♥

wing 2015/10/30 12:23 #5

("▔□▔)/("▔□▔)/("▔□▔)/ hahahaha

Jessica 2015/11/02 12:55 #6

@wang haha yes! So cute