Hospitals With Foreign Department in Dalian | 大连提供英语服务的医院

The following is a list of hospitals in Dalian where there are English-speaking doctors and provide medical care and services to foreigners.

An English Speaking Dentist in Dalian | 牙医门诊 - 学苑口腔

Yesterday a girl from Malaysia called me up in the early morning when I was brushing teeth, saying: "Harry, I am a tourist in Dalian and have a dental problem now.

Люди Даляня - Нана (English & Russian Edition)

Нана фотограф

Humans of Dalian - Nana(中英文版)

Nana photographer

Люди Даляня - Дарина Лулу (English & Russian Edition)

Дарина Лулу, блогер

Humans of Dalian - Darina Lulu(中英文版)

Darina Lulu, blogger

Люди Даляня - Маддалена Ди Томмасо (English & Russian Edition)

Humans of Dalian - Maddalena Di Tommaso(中英文版)

Люди Даляня - Насим (English & Russian Edition)

Насим,29 лет, Германия

Humans of Dalian - Nassem(中英文版)

Nassem, 29 years old, from Germany.